Stressless Business for the Small Business

Simple but powerful task and project management

  • Morning Planning - Start your day right!

    • All tasks and information in one place
    • Only deal with what you planned
    • Long term manageability and transparency

    JustDoo supports Morning Planning so you can proceed with things that matter during the day.

    Plan and Just Doo!

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  • Focused, efficient work all day

    • Only deal with what you planned for today.
    • Only focus on one thing at a time and finish it.
    • Measurable (time tracking), focused work

    JustDoo shows what you need to concentrate on, lowering stress and increasing efficiency.

    Don't hesitate, Just Doo!

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  • Team work, delegation - makes everything easier

    • Assign, delegate tasks
    • Co-operate with your colleagues
    • Be up-to-date with your business wherever you are

    JustDoo widely supports team work and task assignment - the keys to business success.

    Don't do everything yourself. Delegate tasks.

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  • Intelligent tasklists - instead of a calendar

    • Your tasks are automatically inserted in to the appropriate lists.
    • Multi-level, hierarchical folder structure.
    • JustDoo provides you with all the tools that you need to grow your business as well as sustain continous excellence.

    Choose a tool helping your long-term business. JustDoo helps in development too. Make order out of chaos.

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JustDoo is the first project and task management software based on the Morning Planning and time management methodology.

High-level project and task management

JustDoo is created to help leaders and teams get the most out of their time.
JustDoo is a web-based project and task management software that was created to support team and leadership work. Organise, schedule your projects and tasks in one place. Be up-to-date on your schedule anytime, anywhere. Check upon your assigned time easily anytime, anywhere.

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Why is JustDoo the best choice for me?


All tasks in one place

Do you keep track of our daily to-dos all in one place?
Collect all your tasks and related information in JustDoo, where you can always find them.


Accessible any time

JustDoo is a web-based application that is accessible from anywhere via your browser, regardless of whether you're using Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems. Your tasks are now accessible on Android or IOS (iPhone, iPad) based smart phones too.


Time Management based

JustDoo is not just a task and project management software. By using it, you can also learn how to increase your success and efficiency. With proven, professional methodology, we can help you manage your everyday social and business activities.


Team work, work flow

Assign (delegate) tasks to your co-workers, work together more efficiently and accurately than ever. Apart from tracking tasks, JustDoo allows users adding comments and it supports team work and project management.


Team Calendar

Your JustDoo calendar helps you complete all tasks on time. It also features improved transparency with an integrated Google Calendar reminds your most important ones.


Task Management Software

JustDoo is not only a task and project management application.
We created this application with the help of our many years of experience in time management consultancy. Try the free version!