Are you self-employed? Are you running a small business?

Cannot see your goals within the chaos? JustDoo has been especially optimized to meet small business needs, increasing their efficiency and improving productivity, so that they (perhaps you?) can get the most out of it.

Take your business affairs in hand from minute one

Starting a business is a complex procedure, furthermore, your initial decisions will affect your life and your emerging company. That is why it is extremely important to develop transparent and effective working methods for you and your employees. JustDoo can help you with that.

Starting your own business comes with a great deal of challenges. Don’t you want to avoid the hold ups of tiresome administration and simply deal with the things that you established your company for?

Had you started a company before that did not work out as you imagined? Fear not. Have a fresh start with the help of JustDoo, learn from your mistakes and build up a well-organized, well-functioning business. Don’t let your professional ambitions, free time, energy or family suffer because of your initial difficulties.

JustDoo try-out does not involve any commitment to purchase, or anything else.


How can you make your life easier with JustDoo and morning planning?

  • Render your activities to projects
  • Schedule, prioritize your tasks
  • Handle your ideas in a structured, hierarchical system - attaching files to your ideas if you will
  • Decrease the time spent training your employees (task management, task assignment, checklists)
  • Organize all information and share it with your co-workers and employees.
  • Access your company database wherever you are. When starting your business you are likely to manage finances too, making an even better use of JustDoo
  • Check the progress and process of tasks remotely




When using Morning Planning and the JustDoo project manager software for everyday business life, ongoing company procedures shouldn't overwhelm you. You will get a head start compared to your lesser-organised and less-effective competition.